Rules & General Info

Competition Rules

  • All pictures of fish must be clear and identifiable.

  • Final decision will be down to the organising committee on questionable entries.

  • All objections to be handed in, in writing and signed with in 45 mins of landing times.

  • Minimum number of anglers per boat            2

  • Maximum number of anglers per boat           4

  • Maximum number of rods in use at any one time per angler  2

  • Maximum number of hooks per rod              3

  • Treble hook counts as one

  • Maximum boat size is 26 Feet ( 8 meters )

  • Heaviest Flat Fish (Ray are a round fish)

  • Heaviest Round Fish only nominated (Rays & Conger are excluded)

  • This is a species event - objective is to catch as many different species as you can over the two days the boat with the most species will be the winner.

  • Tie breaker decided by weight of nominated species(Pollock, Cod, Flat, Gurnard.)

  • All other non nominated species to be photographed with the competition card provided.

  • In the interest of conservation we are asking anglers not to bring any Rays, Smooth Hound, Tope or shark of any kind to the scales. Photographic evidence is all that is needed.

  • There will be No size limit for photo graphed species and the minimum size for nominated species will be confirmed in the info pack provided on the day of the competition.

  • In the interests of conservation we are requesting anglers to make all possible efforts to keep inedible fish alive and return after weighing.

  • Any Boat Late Back to The Slip Will Have Their Results For That Day Disqualified.

  • Fishing boundaries will depend on the weather. Limits will be set and all boats notified and are subject to change.

  • Boat searches will be carried out each morning; boats will be selected by lottery.

  • Boats are not permitted to come together at sea during the competition except in an emergency or for safety.

  • Ground baiting is allowed

  • All boats & anglers MUST be insured.

Min Size for Nominated Species

Cod - Min Size - 300mm

Flat - Min Size - 250mm 

Gurnard - Min Size - 250mm

Pollack - Min Size - 300mm


General Info

  • Berths available within the dock for the weekend. E2 per meter per night.

  • Secure parking  provided for boat and transport storage within walking distance to hotel and slip..

  • Nearest petrol stations is located at Passage Cross on Dunmore Rd - There is no petrol station in Dunmore East  



Local Angling Stores - 

Waterford outdoor and angling centre:

Mc outdoor store Waterford:


Boating supplies.

Deevys :

Adventure Center (located in harbor):​