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Dunmore East, Co. Waterford

Small Boats Festival 2018


The 26th & 27th May was Year Two of Rinnashark SACs small boats festival. After twelve months of planning the weekend had arrived. Entries were up by four boats on last year comp and things were looking good.


Unfortunately we lost a couple of boats in the last two weeks. However, we were very happy with five of the boats new to the festival and lots of friends made over the weekend.


We would like to start off by thanking all the anglers who made the weekend a great success. We also want to say thanks to the sponsors who helped provide an excellent table of prizes. In particular we would like to thank the Inland Fisheries Ireland. The club and anglers are very great full to all. Finally we would like to thank Michelle and all the staff of the Ocean Hotel.

Nine Boats, made up of 23 anglers fished both days of the competition. The weather was strong NE winds easing both evenings meaning restrictions between Hook Head Light House to the Metal Man in Tramore Saturday and again Sunday morning but by 1 pm we could open the zone so boats could get East.


A tough weekends fishing probably not helped by the East winds but still all the boats worked hard a pulled out a few species.


After day one things were tight:

1st Screeming Reels - 16 species 
2nd Barry’s Boat - 13 species
3rd Chaos - 13 species
4th Sea Witch - 12 Species
5th Rockling 2 - 11 Species
6th Shinawill - 8 species
7th Katie - 8 species
8th Viking - 3 species
9th Nicole & Will - 3 Species

With it all to play for on Day Two boats set off at 9 am and after day two the final results were very close with a tie for first place 


1st Screaming Reels 21 species and a weight of 3.46kgs
2nd Seawitch 21 species and a weight of 2.68 KG 
3rd Chaos 18 Species 
4th Barry’s Boat 17 species
5th Katie 14 Species
6th Shinawill 11 species and 4.46kg
7th Rockling 2 11 species 1.74kg
8th Nicole & Will 7 species
9th Viking 3 species 

A total of 30 species were recorded over the weekend 
Bass, Bull Huss, Ballan Wrasse, Blenny, Cod, Coalie, Cuckoo Wrasse, Dab, Dogfish
Dragonet, Flounder, Goby, Gold shinny wrasse, Grey Gurnard, Ling, Poor Cod, Pouting, Pollock, Plaice
Sea Scorpion, Silver Eel, Turbot, Red Gurnard, Whiting, Thornback Ray, Mackerel, Launce, Smooth Hound, Corkwing Wrasse &Sprat.

The Nominated Species winners were:
Flat was shared a 0.44kg flounder and plaice both on Chaos
Gurnard was a red of 0.52kg to Screaming Reels
Cod was 1.54Kg for Rockling 2
Ling 1.14kg for Chaos
Pollock Viking 3.44kg

Overall Heaviest fish of the weekend went to Viking with a Pollock of 3.44Kg.

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