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Rinnashark Small Boats 2017 Report

Rinnashark SAC held their first Small Boats Angling Festival on the 27th and 28th of May 2017.

The club had a total of 11 boats entered, with anglers travelling from throughout Ireland and two boats making the journey from Wales.

As this was a new venture from the club the committee were delighted wit the number of boats fishing.

The events main sponser was The Three Sisters Inn in Dunmore East Village as well as various club members, local businesses and competing anglers who also gave sponsership.

The weather for the weekend was mixed but was just good enough to allow for unrestricted fishing. Saturday was a wash, it started calm but increased to around 20 knots from the west as the day progressed.

Sunday was a dryer day and the wind had, thankfully, eased off.

The fishing was mixed, with mackerel almost non exsistent, only two landed over the weekend.

The competition was run as a species hunt, the greatest number of species to be the winner. There was also a list of 7 nominated species for which there would be prizes for the heaviest of each species.

Boats left the pier on saturday morning at 9am and by 6pm Screaming Reels was leading the charge with 15 species.

Day Two started off bright and calm with all boats ready for the off at 9am. Day two was always going to be a tougher day with the "easier" species ticked off the list.

Screaming Reels was never going to make it easy for the chasing pack and added a further 7 to bring their total to 22 species.


The Welsh boat "Sea Witch" made big gains on day 2 and added a further 8 species to bring their total to 20.


In 3rd place, the lads on "Fin Chaser"finished with 19.

The Rinnashark SAC would like to thank all of our sponsers for what proved to be a very enjoyable and sucessful event.

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